Fork Shortening


We offer fork shortening services for all your different needs. We can shorten your forks by internally lowering them, and leaving the amount of travel you would like; 1",2" or what ever fits your needs.

We can also shorten the upper tube on your forks and externally machine the diameters to give you more clamping area for your lower triple clamp. This is especially helpful when a bike has been short necked and you run out of room for the lower triple clamp. This is the set up most pro street bikes use. A couple of common set ups is a 23" fork for Hayabusa and a 22" fork for the GSXR 1000s. These measurements is overall fork length, meaning from center of the axle to top of the fork tube.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your fork needs. 985-637-8234

Price for internally lowering forks 150.00

Price for Pro Street forks     400.00

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